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Table 1 Parametersa used in the sensitivity analysis of the derivation of the screening level

From: Development and application of a health-based framework for informing regulatory action in relation to exposure of microplastic particles in California drinking water

Parameter Intermediate value Lower value Upper value Units
POD BMD bBMDL (default) BMDU mg·kg−1·d−1
RSC 0.20 (default) 0.00001 0.50 Unitless fraction
DWI 0.053 (upper 95th %; default) 0.022 (50th %) 0.135 (Maximum) L·kg−1·d−1
  1. aPOD point-of-departure, RSC relative source contribution, DWI drinking water intake rate, BMD benchmark dose, BMDL lower 95th percentile of benchmark dose, BMDU upper 95th percentile of benchmark dose
  2. bWhen BMD could not be reliably modelled, NOAELs were used. When a NOAEL was unavailable, the LOAEL was used divided by an uncertainty factor of 10