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Table 2 Microplastic abundance: Level-3p and -3w data (Fig. 4). These values were obtained from grid cells where more than two values exited (i.e., all grid cells except the white areas). Total abundance was computed so that values were representative of each 5°-longitude × 2°-latitude grid cell. The particle count (weight) per unit area was rounded to the 1000 (10)

From: A multilevel dataset of microplastic abundance in the world’s upper ocean and the Laurentian Great Lakes

  Total particle count Weight (3w2 ~ 3w1)
Average 113,000 pieces km−2 130 ~ 2670 g km−2
Maximum (2.5°E, 53.0°N) 5,300,000 pieces km−2 14,580 ~ 126,000 g km−2
Total abundance 2.44 × 1013 (24.4 trillion) pieces (8.2 ~ 57.8) × 104 tons