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Table 3 PNEC values for microplastics and organic micropollutants in road runoff

From: Environmental risks of car tire microplastic particles and other road runoff pollutants

Pollutantc PNEC Surface water (μg/l) PNEC Sediment (μg/kgdw) Reference
TWPMP 0.33a 100a [65]
BaP 0.00017 1830 [86, 87]
BPA 1.5 63 [88]
DEHP 1.3 100,000 [87, 89]
DIDP 0.6 3300 Derivedb
Fl. 0.0063 2000 [87, 90]
HMMM 54 133 [91], Derivedb
MBT 4 147 [92]
NP 0.3 4620 [87, 93]
OP 0.1 1.61 [87, 94]
TT 8 3 [95]
  1. aPNEC values for microplastics (MP) available in the literature were used to represent the PNEC for TWP, i.e. TWPMP. It should be noted that the PNEC for MP has a limited reliability due to heterogeneity of the tested microplastic considering polymer type, size and shape
  2. bPNEC is not available in literature and thus derived using available toxicological data and extrapolation factors (for surface water) or the equilibrium method (for sediment), see Supporting information (Table S6, page 17–22)
  3. cPollutants: MP Microplastics, BaP Benzo(a) pyrene, BPA Bisphenol A, DEHP Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, DIDP Diisodecyl phthalate, Fl. Fluoranthene, HMMM Hexa (methoxymethyl) melamine, MBT Mercaptobenzothiazole, MP Microplastics, NP Nonylphenol, OP 4-tert-octylphenol, TWP Tire Wear Particles, TT Tolyltriazole